You want to use your tax money to:

You know that there are several pieces of legislation that allow you to do this. In fact, we invite you to meet with us in order to carry out a wealth statement and to see to which texts of laws you are eligible on the one hand but above all to inform you about all the advantages, disadvantages and guarantees related to these solutions.

As experts in real estate taxation, our advisers will analyze your situation with regard to all the laws and measures that may suit your objectives:

Be careful not to confuse TAX EXEMPTION & TAX OPTIMIZATION!

Indeed the use of your tax as a "leverage" falls within the scope of tax exemption and therefore an investment via a law tax exemption.

On the other hand, when your tax amount is not sufficient to be used as a "leverage effect", it is better to use a tax optimization strategy of your property that is to say have low taxed income see not be taxable at all on your income. This is in particular the principle of the status of Non-Professional Furnished Lessor for example (LMNP).

In order to define whether in your case and according to your objectives it is better to go for an investment in TAX EXEMPTION or an investment in TAX OPTIMIZATION our advisers carry out an INVESTOR ASSESSMENT in order to advise you precisely on the best strategy to implement and under what conditions.

To see how much tax you could recover to carry out your personal projects we invite you to test the simulator of our partner, the wealth management firm Genesis Patrimoine Conseil via its website: click HERE to access the simulator